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Hey y'all! Did you know you can share all the HVO fun with your furry friend? It's true! We've got plenty of walking space & the lawn ideal spot for leisurely lounging. We kindly request that all pets remain leashed throughout their visit, and we appreciate it if pet owners ensure the responsible disposal of any "presents" their furry friends might leave behind. Hehe!

But that's not all! In addition to the usual fun, we're thrilled to announce our upcoming Bark-O-Ween event, taking place on October 28th. It will be a fantastic time for the whole family. Food trucks will be on-site, along with various vendors to explore. And, of course, your furry friend will have the chance to indulge in some delightful trick-or-treating for milk bone treats!

Now, it's time to get creative and start planning your pet's costume because we will be hosting a dog costume parade. The parade promises loads of laughter and fun, and we'll even announce a winner at the end!

  • From 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM: Join our Dog Trick-or-Treat activity around the farm.

  • At 2:00 PM: The parade officially begins.

  • The grand finale: The costume winner will be announced at the conclusion of the parade.

We can't wait to see you and your furry friends at Bark-O-Ween! It's going to be a howling good time. 🐾🎃🐶

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Hey Y'all! Did you realize that we've only got three more weeks of regular fall activities left at HVO for 2023? Well, don't panic! Just keep reading to get the most out of your fall visit to HVO!


There's no better time than now to grab a cup of steaming hot cider from our market and head over to the pumpkin patch for an unforgettable hayride. For just $5 per person, you can enjoy a 15-minute ride that provides a fantastic overview of our farm and sets the perfect tone for your visit at HVO. Our hayrides are available exclusively on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and the final day to catch a ride on one of our tractors is October 29, 2023!


A visit to our market is an absolute must on your next HVO adventure. Our charming barn, with over a century of history, radiates its rustic appeal. Inside, you'll discover a treasure trove of fall delights, including fall decorations, jams, jellies, local honey, pickles, caramel apples, apple cider and a delightful bakery counter. To best serve all y'all, we source most of our baked goods from talented locals who create the most mouthwatering treats. Our kitchen, meanwhile, is dedicated to serving up our homemade chicken & dumplings, chili, and other savory selections.


Step into our taprooms, The Crate Room and the Olde Grain Bin (OGB), where you'll find a rotating selection of fall taps and special fall "Croptails" (our playful name for cocktails). Some of our staff's personal favorites include the Caramel Apple Mule, Cider Spritzer (as pictured on the left), and Bucks Bourbon Float!

Weekend Events

Our weekend events are open to all, free of any admission charge. We've got balloon artists and face painters to keep the kids entertained, and don't miss out on the chance to top your own caramel apple nachos—a whole granny smith apple, cut up and drizzled with caramel and your choice of toppings! You can also savor delicious bites from food trucks, enjoy live music, and explore other themed treats. Be sure to check

out our upcoming events to plan your visit.


Relax by our cozy firepits, which are available for your enjoyment. You're welcome to bring your firewood if you like, but we also have a stack of firewood on hand, available on a donation basis. These spots are quite popular on the lawn, especially in the evening. If you're hoping to snag a firepit and stick around for live music on Friday or Saturday night, be sure to arrive early to secure your spot (we don't accept reservations). And remember to bring some lawn chairs, as our patio seating is limited.

Pumpkin Patch

Our delightful pumpkin patch is open for picking during any of our regular operating hours, and it's conveniently located right next to our grass parking area. On weekends, our friendly team members will be stationed by the field to get you settled up. If you visit us during the week, feel free to bring your pumpkin into the market barn, where our team will be happy to check you out and ensure you take home the perfect pumpkin for your fall festivities.


We've got one more workshop with our friends at Regenerate Garden Co. coming your way this season. On October 26, 6:30-8:30pm enjoy good company and interesting conversation as you build a beautiful piece of living artwork. Come solo or make it a date night or friend date!

U-pack Apples

Refer to our previous blog post for all your apple info!

We can't wait to share the remainder of the fall season with you, and we hope to see you soon at HVO!

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Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Hello, friends!

With autumn's arrival, it's time to celebrate the bountiful apple harvest season here at Hidden Valley Orchards. We've got two fantastic options for you to enjoy the apple harvest – U-Pick and U-Pack. So, whether you're eager to immerse yourself in orchard exploration or simply looking to stock up on apples, we've got the perfect choices for you.

U-Pick: Creating Memories Among the Trees

(U-pick update as of 10/4/23- Y'all came out and cleared through our U-pick crop! thank you so much for a wonderful 2023 U-pick season and we cannot wait for 2024. In the meantime, we still encourage everyone to walk about the orchards as it is a gorgeous adventure. We are still offering U-pack apples throughout October, skip ahead to the next section for U-pack info of keep on reading to plan for your U-pick adventure next year!)

Crisp autumn air, laughter echoing through the orchards, and the joy of plucking apples straight from the branches. That's the essence of our U-Pick experience. Gather your loved ones and embark on a delightful adventure through our acres of orchards, where apple and pear trees create beautiful tunneling archways. Our orchard trees have aged, and we've made the conscious choice to avoid chemical pesticides. This decision means our apples may not have the flawless appearance of supermarket varieties, but their unique charm adds to their character. Some may even call them "ugly," but rest assured, they are just as delicious and perfect for both snacking and baking.

While it's true that our u-pick trees have been well-loved this season and pretty picked through, we still highly recommend you take a leisurely stroll among them to take in the tranquility of our orchard, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the market barn. To begin your U-Pick adventure, if you didn't bring your own tote bag, take a brief stop at our market barn. Here, you can pick up a brown paper bag from the apple tent located upfront, as well as any snacks or refreshments to energize your journey. Once you're all set, head toward the back of the barn and follow the path beyond the grassy lawn to start your apple-picking adventure.

You'll spot the orchard trees on your right, nestled behind the OGB (Olde Grain Bin), which is our secondary taproom housed in a charming silo. However, if you continue along our main path, you'll stumble upon even more apple and pear trees, each offering their unique treasures. Please note that the yield and variety of apples can vary depending on your location within the orchard, and it's a delightful surprise waiting for you.

After you've gathered your share of apples, make your way back up to the Market Barn or the Apple Tent. Here, we'll help you weigh your harvest and settle up for your selections. U-Pick is open to all during our regular fall season hours as supplies last, so you've got plenty of time to immerse yourself in the orchard.

As you wander through the orchards, we encourage you to savor the peace and calm that surrounds you. However, for your safety, we kindly ask that you exit the orchards by dusk. Your well-being is important to us, and we want to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable visit.

U-Pack: Convenience Meets Variety

If you'd rather skip the apple-picking adventure or are in need of larger quantities, our U-Pack option is tailor-made for you. Conveniently located in or near our Market Barn, U-Pack apples are sourced from local orchards, allowing us to provide you with an impressive assortment of apples in terms of both quantity and variety. This curated selection extends beyond what our orchard can produce alone, giving you access to an abundance of apples to suit every culinary desire. Whether you prefer classic varieties like McIntosh and Golden Delicious or are eager to explore new flavors, U-Pack offers a gateway to apple discovery. Varieties available include:




Grimes Golden

Northern Spy

*variety subject to change (updated 10/27/23)

Apples to Apples

Fall and apples go hand in hand, and there's no better place to savor the season than Hidden Valley Orchards. Whether you choose the hands-on adventure of U-Pick or the convenience of U-Pack, one thing is certain – your autumn will be filled with delicious moments savored with the ones you love.

Please keep in mind that apple availability for both U-Pick and U-Pack may vary due to demand, so plan your visit accordingly. We can't wait to share this apple-filled season with you. Come join us and make unforgettable autumn memories!

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