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  • Photographers may bring clients onsite during normal operating hours on Thursday and Fridays; request completion by dusk. Weekends excluded.

  • Please call the HVO Market in advance to confirm date and time; 513.932.1869.

  • Check in at the Bakery counter, you will be asked to sign a waiver; check back out to let us know you have left the grounds safely.

  • HVO reserves the right to restrict certain areas (or dates) of the farm complex from public access.

  • Hidden Valley Orchards requests acknowledgement as venue source for your images if the images are used for promotional material.

  • Hidden Valley Orchards requests the right to use the images in our promotional/social media platforms. Please tag any images with: #hiddenvalleyorchardslebanonohio

  • Please do not enter any bodies of water or climb the waterfall.


  • HVO hosts many festival events and other occasions. Looking for artisans and craftspeople to showcase your wares during these public outings. HVO is also interested in hearing from live musicians, bands, roving magician, etc. please fill out the same application and forward with your rate of service.

  • If you are interested in becoming part of the HVO festival and event landscape, please forward a link to your website or other social media platform; include rates if you are a performer. Hidden Valley Orchards will forward an application to you.

  • If you would like to be considered a ‘preferred vendor’ for Hidden Valley Orchards events, please consider setting an appointment to tour the grounds.


  • Permitted if leashed, under control at all times. Dogs (other than registered and identifiable service animals) are not permitted in any of the Farm buildings. They may visit the grounds with their family.


  • Hidden Valley Orchards offer a variety of U-PICK crops. 

  • These crops are evaluated daily for public picking availability. 

  • Watch for updates on social media or call the HVO Market to confirm hours and available produce for U-PICK before heading to the farm.​

  • HVO asks that all children under 11 years of age are supervised by an adult. As much as we love all animals Hidden Valley Orchards asks that you leave your pet at home. We do welcome service animals anytime.

  • Hidden Valley Orchards  will feature fresh picked HVO produce in our Market. 


  • 5474 North State Route 48 Lebanon, Ohio 45036

  • Spell out: NORTH Route 48 in Lebanon, otherwise it will take you to South Lebanon


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Thursday-Friday 2PM-9PM

Saturday-Sunday 12PM-9PM                  


Thursday-Friday 2PM-9PM

Saturday-Sunday 12PM-9PM                          

THE COOP - Soft Serve Ice Cream Shoppe:

Tuesday-Friday 2PM-9PM                                       Saturday-Sunday 12PM-9PM 

HVO Kitchen Hours: 'Take Out on Farm Friendly Menu'

Thursday & Friday 2PM-8PM  

Saturday 12PM-8PM

Sunday 12PM-7PM

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5474 North State Route 48
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

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