Reap what We sow…

Updated: May 20, 2019

It has been a year since Randy and Robyn Lane purchased the farm. Rejuvenation, renovation, rebranding, a bevy of on farm and business scenarios with involved recourse. Rebuilding crops, barns, customer and vendor relationships. It has been worth it. We have been received and rewarded by our surrounding communities. The simple objective was to strip the business to the bones and rebuild. Add in unique retail product, create events and experiences to share moments with family and friends; provide food and beverage that has beencreatedfor Our Guests. Every day is a learning experience, everyday growth on the farm. This spring HVO will be planting a new strawberry crop. Tend to it, work the field and this time next year (with Mother Nature’s help) harvest beautiful fruit. Altruistic lesson in that action…we must continue to fortify our guest experiences with integrity and in so doing reap the benefit of what we sow. Thank you HVO guests. We appreciate you. See you soon. – Kacey; Marketing & Events at HVO

This beauty resides as the anchor greeting you as you enter through the Market barn doors.




Thursday-Friday 2PM-9PM

Saturday-Sunday 12PM-9PM                  


Thursday-Friday 2PM-9PM

Saturday-Sunday 12PM-9PM                          

THE COOP - Soft Serve Ice Cream Shoppe:

Tuesday-Friday 2PM-9PM                                       Saturday-Sunday 12PM-9PM 

HVO Kitchen Hours: 'Take Out on Farm Friendly Menu'

Thursday & Friday 2PM-8PM  

Saturday 12PM-8PM

Sunday 12PM-7PM

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