Visiting Photographer Guidelines


  • Photographers may bring clients onsite during normal operating hours on Thursday and Fridays; request completion by dusk. Weekends excluded.

  • Please call the HVO Market in advance to confirm date and time; 513.932.1869.

  • Check in at the Bakery counter, you will be asked to sign a waiver; check back out to let us know you have left the grounds safely.

  • HVO reserves the right to restrict certain areas (or dates) of the farm complex from public access.

  • Hidden Valley Orchards requests acknowledgement as venue source for your images if the images are used for promotional material.

  • Hidden Valley Orchards requests the right to use the images in our promotional/social media platforms. Please tag any images with: #hiddenvalleyorchardslebanonohio

  • Please do not enter any bodies of water or climb the waterfall.