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hvo provisions

The Market Place

Discover an abundance of delectable pantry goods that celebrate the essence of our region. From locally crafted jams, and jellies to tantalizing hot sauces, honey, and pure maple syrup, our Market Place Goods showcase the best of our community's culinary delights.

Bakery Counter Sweets

Where you'll find a delightful array of HVO's freshly baked treats, along with scrumptious local donuts and cookies. These mouthwatering sweets are crafted with love and passion, ensuring every bite is a moment of pure bliss.

Market Drinks Menu

Delight in our specialty flavored teas and refreshing lemonades, or cozy up with our hot or iced lattes and coffees. Or try local Warped Wing Craft Soda served ice cold!


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market gifts & goods

We invite you to experience browsing the shelves at HVO. Whether you're on the lookout for that perfect decor piece to add warmth to your space or seeking your next favorite treat to satisfy your cravings, we have something special just for you.

ALL THINGS apple cider

  • Apple Cider by the Gallon

  • Apple Cider Slushies

  • Apple Cider Croptails

Don't miss out! Follow us on social media for updates on the return of apple cider!

* available during fall months

Bakery Case

Discover a delightful array of freshly baked treats at HVO, alongside scrumptious local donuts and cookies. Each mouthwatering sweet is crafted with love and passion, guaranteeing a moment of pure bliss with every heavenly bite.


Fresh Produce

While our aging on-site agriculture may not yield the abundance it once did, we cherish the land's heritage. During our themed events, including the fall season, we celebrate with limited but precious fresh local produce, such as apples!

Farmers Market
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